Riley Kreisel Unstoppable at Adams County Speedway

Corning, IA (06/20/2020) In the first ever league appearance at Adams County Speedway the POWRi Lucas Oil WAR and Iowa Leagues would not disappoint the capacity crowd in attendance. When the finals flags waived the defending champion, Riley Kreisel would stand atop his non-wing sprinter in victory lane as the winner.

With action hot and heavy throughout the feature, front-row starter #77 Jack Wagner would lead the initial laps as drivers diced and darted for their preferred running groove on the multi-lane surface. Heat Race Winner and High Point Qualifier #93 Josh Most would mount a charge for the top-spot in the following laps, until Most drove just too deep on the high-line of turns three and four. With Wagner maintaining the point, #91 Riley Kreisel would slingshot to a side-by-side battle for the front. Using low-line momentum entering turn one, Kreisel would grab the lead never looking back in a dominating feature showing lapping competitors at will, lapping up to the fourth-place finisher. Jack Wagner would stay in the hunt for the feature the entire night finishing in the runner-up spot and staying well in contention for the championship. Josh Most would recover nicely to place third as Neal Matuska #48 ended the night fourth. Jason Billups #2 would notch his first ever top five finish with the POWRi WAR Sprint League capturing the hard charger award in the process.      

Feature Results:

1. 91-Riley Kreisel[3]; 2. 77-Jack Wagner[2]; 3. 93-Josh Most[1]; 4. 48-Neal Matuska[4]; 5. 2-Jason Billups[8]; 6. 75-Glen Saville[5]; 7. 7X-Lance Silvers[7]; 8. 73-Samuel Wagner[6]

Heat Race Results:

1. 93-Josh Most[6]; 2. 77-Jack Wagner[5]; 3. 91-Riley Kreisel[3]; 4. 48-Neal Matuska[4]; 5. 73-Samuel Wagner[2]; 6. 75-Glen Saville[8]; 7. 2-Jason Billups[1]; 8. 7X-Lance Silvers[7]

Hard Charger: Jason Billups

High point: Josh Most

Next up for the POWRi Lucas Oil WAR Sprint League will be a trip east when joining forces with the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League for a two-day, two-state, trip of speed and adrenaline. First, on Friday, June 26th, Charleston Speedway in Charleston, Illinois will host "Deuces are Wild". With $2000 to the winner and $200 to all feature starters. Online tickets offered until 8 am of race-day with remaining general admission tickets available for purchase at the front gate, for online tickets visit:

Then, Saturday, June 27 the POWRi Leagues will venture to "The Class Track" in Haubstadt, Indiana. POWRi Lucas Oil WAR Sprint League co-sanctioned with MSCS Sprints will battle for the $5,000 winning payday.

POWRi National Midget and WAR Leagues rules, contingencies, forms, and payouts can be found under the info tab at the top of the POWRi website. Get your subscription today to catch all the action LIVE only on POWRi.TV.

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