Pearce Takes ASCS Elite North Non-Wing Finale At El Paso County

Bryan Hulbert – CALHAN, Colo. (September 26, 2020) Gaining his fifth career victory with the ASCS Elite North Non-Wing Series on Saturday night, Coby Pearce closed out the 2020 season with his second overall win on the year.

The leading winner with the Non-Wing tour, Pearce launched to the lead on Lap 2 after gridding the field to the right of the second row.

Never relinquishing the point throughout the rest of the A-Feature, the No. 92 was trailed by Jeff Seesholtz who, after starting 12th, made it to the finish 1.564-seconds later. Despite a valiant run, the Fountain, Colo. shoe came up three-point shy of the championship which went to Brett Ream.

From 11th, Jesse Fernandez made it to fourth with Nick Nichols in fifth.

New Mexico’s Michael Fanelli was sixth with Brian Hardman, Gary Land, Butch Hardman, Mark Chisholm, and Ryan Devitt making up the top ten.

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Race Results:

ASCS Elite North Non-Wing

El Paso County Raceway (Calhan, Colo.)

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Heat 1: 1. 86-Zac Taylor[6]; 2. 92-Coby Pearce[1]; 3. 2-Michael Fanelli[7]; 4. 75-Nick Nichols[2]; 5. 35-Ryan Devitt[3]; 6. 61-Jesse Fernandez[5]; 7. 16-Brian Hardman[4]; 8. 59-Butch Hardman[8]

Heat 2: 1. 56X-Mark Chisholm[6]; 2. 55-Gary Land[3]; 3. 27-Mike Hathaway[4]; 4. 28B-Matt Bolin[7]; 5. 19M-Jason Tirb[1]; 6. 9-Jeff Seesholtz[5]; 7. (DNF) 16G-Austyn Gossel[2]; 8. (DNS) 8-Brett Ream

A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 92-Coby Pearce[4]; 2. 9-Jeff Seesholtz[12]; 3. 61-Jesse Fernandez[11]; 4. 75-Nick Nichols[8]; 5. 2-Michael Fanelli[5]; 6. 16-Brian Hardman[13]; 7. 55-Gary Land[1]; 8. 59-Butch Hardman[16]; 9. 56X-Mark Chisholm[2]; 10. 35-Ryan Devitt[9]; 11. 19M-Jason Tirb[10]; 12. 16G-Austyn Gossel[15]; 13. 86-Zac Taylor[3]; 14. 28B-Matt Bolin[6]; 15. 8-Brett Ream[14]; 16. 27-Mike Hathaway[7]

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