Drivers honored at OCRS Banquet

TULSA, Okla. (January 11, 2020) - A crowd of 150 was on hand to honor champions and top ten drivers for the AmeriFlex Oil Capital Racing Series and Caney Valley Speedway in a combined banquet Saturday at Osage Casino and Hotel.

Caney Valley Speedway and OCRS Series owner Kerry Gorby decided to hold one combined banquet and the evening went off like clockwork with everyone having a good time.

Zach Chappell was honored for his second AmeriFlex / OCRS championship in three years and gave the credit to his family, sponsors and crew for making a second title possible.

“With Corvan of AmeriFlex, Mike and Karen Barros and all the money they poured into this team, and everyone working on it, I can’t thank them enough,” Chappell said speaking of the people behind the scenes. “It makes my job easier.

“We had a good year. We did not tear anything up this year. Those seasons are few and far in-between.”

Chappell will return to defend his title in 2020 and is well on the way in his preparations for the upcoming season.

“We already have a jump start on everything,” Chappell said.

The top ten drivers were called up one-by-one to receive their awards and pose for a group photo taken by Danny ‘The Shoe’ Clum.

individual awards went to David Chappell as champion car owner, Jase Randolph who was honored as Rookie of the Year, and Race Director J.D. Etter who received the Dena Dean award for his service to the series.

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