Daison Pursley Earns Micro Win at the Turnpike Challenge

Tulsa, OK. (03/28/2021) Daison Pursley pulls off double duty and a trip to victory lane for the 8th Annual Turnpike Challenge at Port City Raceway. With only a few trips out on the 71K Keith Kunz Micro sprint, Pursley found victory in only his third start with the POWRi Engler Machine & Tool Micro Sprints for the 2021 season.

Pursley had been dominate all weekend in the 71K and finished his night off strong ending it in victory lane. To start the 20-lap main event, Pursley lined up on the pole with Tyler Kuykendall to his outside. Purlsey jumped off to an early lead and never looked back. Ryan Timms and Kuykendall run second and third hunting down the leader.

Last night’s winner, Frank Flud challenged Kuykendall and captured the third position and set his sight on Timms. After a few cautions, the top three separate themselves from the rest of the field. Every car rolled around the bottom as Pursley made his way to the checkered flag to pick up the win. Ryan Timms got his career best finish of second and Flud finished third.

Smith Titanium Heat 1 Winner: 00 - DANIEL SHAFFER

AFCO Heat 2 Winner:14R - JAKE NAIL

Advanced Racing Suspension Heat 3 Winner: 8K - TYLER KUYKENDALL

Auto Meter Heat 4 Winner: 5T-Ryan Timms

KSE Racing Products Heat 5 Winner:81-Frank FLud

Max Papis Innovations High Point: 71K-Daison Pursley

AFCO Semi-Feature 1: 12X-Jeffery Newell

Schoelfeld Headers Semi-Feature 2:11-Riley Goodno

Lucas Oil Hard Charger: 51B-Joe B Miller

Engler Machine & Tool Feature Winner: 71K - DAISON PURSLEY

POWRi Engler Machine & Tool 600cc Outlaw Micro League Feature Results (20 laps): 1. 71K - DAISON PURSLEY 2. 5T - RYAN TIMMS 3. 81 - FRANK FLUD 4. 51B - JOE B MILLER 5. 14R - JAKE NAIL 6. 12X - JEFFREY NEWELL 7. 96 - JAYSON CAMPBELL 8. 14X - JADE AVEDISIAN 9. 8K - TYLER KUYKENDALL 10. 51 - MATT WARD 11. 00 - DANIEL SHAFFER 12. 25J - DELANEY JOST 13. 20S - STEVEN CURBOW 14. 12 - FRANK GALUSHA 15. 39 - RUSS DISINGER 16. 71 - GAVIN BOSCHELE 17. 35 - AUBREY SMITH 18. 938 - BRADLEY FEZARD 19. 11 - RILEY GOODNO 20. 40S - SHAIN KAISER 21. 2B - GARRETT BENSON 22. 44T - TREVIN LITTLETON 23. 24T - GLENN BRATTI II

Photo Credits: Danny Clum

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