Cannon McIntosh Notches First POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League Victory

Belleville, IL. (05/31/2020) Wrapping up the Seventh Annual Turnpike Challenge the POWRi Lucas Oil National and West Midget Leagues would travel to Port City Raceway Sunday Night as 53 top notch competitors would try to find the fastest way to the checkers. After 30 trips around a beautiful prepared racing surface Cannon McIntosh would use a low line run to perfection claiming his first ever POWRi Lucas Oil National Feature Win.

Cannon McIntosh #71k would be on a rail all night, hooking up in the groove early by collecting the high point qualifying award and earning a pole position starting spot for the feature. Cannon would launch to the lead on lap one and never relinquish the prized spot. Tanner Thorson #19 and Tanner Carrick #35 would both ride the upper lip for the feature, swapping spots several times with Thorson earning the runner-up spot and Carrick ending the night third. After being in contention for the lead early #3N Jake Neuman would slip exiting turn two and battle back to finish fourth as Noah Harris #20H would impress all rounding out the top five.  

Special Thanks to Jerry Medlin for donating extra prize money for tonight's hard charger award that was won by Ace McCarthy as he battled through the field to place 12th from starting 23rd deep in the field.

Keizer Wheels Heat 1 Winner: 9 - Daison Pursley

Smith Titanium Heat 2 Winner: 19az - Logan Seavey

Advanced Racing Suspensions Heat 3 Winner: 19 - Tanner Thorson

Schoenfeld Headers Heat 4 Winner: 19 - Tanner Thorson

Racing Electronics Heat 5 Winner: 35 - Tanner Carrick

Diversified Machine Inc. Heat 6 Winner: 67 - Buddy Kofoid

MVT Heat 7 Winner: 4a - Justin Grant

Hoosier Racing Tire C Feature Winner: 89 - Chris Windom

Super Clean Qualifier Winners: 44s - Andrew Felker, 71k - Cannon Mcintosh, 20h - Noah Harris, 3n - Jake Neuman

PAC Schroeder Torsion Bars High Point: 71k - Cannon McIntosh

Rod End Supply Semi-Feature 1: 5 - Kevin Thomas Jr

AFCO Semi-Feature 2: 3 - Jake Nail

TRD Hard Charger: 28 - Ace McCarthy

Lucas Oil Feature Winner: 71k - Cannon Mcintosh

POWRi Lucas Oil National & West Midget League Feature Results (30 Laps): 1. 71k - Cannon McIntosh 2. 19 - Tanner Thorson 3. 35 - Tanner Carrick 4. 3n - Jake Neuman 5. 20h - Noah Harris 6. 19az - Logan Seavey 7. 71 - Kaylee Bryson 8. 82 - Andrew Layser 9. 44s - Andrew Felker 10. 73t - Jake Swanson 11. 5d - Zach Daum 12. 28 - Ace McCarthy 13. 5 - Kevin Thomas Jr 14. 8m - Kade Morton 15. 67 - Buddy Kofoid 16. 00m - Shawn Mahaffey 17. 3 - Jake Nail 18. 19m - Ethan Mitchell 19. 5t - Ryan Timms 20. 84m - Blake Edwards 21. 4a - Justin Grant 22. 91t - Tyler Thomas 23. 47 - Austin Shores 24. 20b - Brady Bacon

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