It's Modified Masters week at Cedar Lake Speedway!

NEW RICHMOND, Wis. (June 11)--The undisputed best of the best in the world of dirt modified racing will converge on the Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond, Wis., this week for the 2nd Annual Modified Masters with $40,00 on the line for the driver who reaches the checkered flag first.

Similar to last year's rain-hampered event, the Masters is the largest event purse on the United States Modified Touring Series schedule. While the 2017 edition carried a $50,00 top prize, this year's overall purse for the crown jewel event is fatter from top to bottom.

Set for June 14-16, the show kicks off on Thursday with a $2,500-to-win points race in the USMTS Hunt for the Casey's Cup powered by Summit.

Friday will see each driver compete in two 12-lap heat races with starting positions and drivers mixed. Last Chance Qualifiers and main events take place Saturday, culminating with the $40,000-to-win, $2,000-to-start, 70-lap championship finale.

Points will be combined for the two heat races on Friday with the top 12 locked into Saturday's "A" Main. The next 12 in points (13th-24th) will be locked into Saturday's "B" Main, the next 12 into the "C" Main and the remainder will run in Last Chance Qualifiers on Saturday.

Drivers not advancing out of the "B" Main are guaranteed a minimum of $500 to start. Drivers not advancing out of the "C" Main will get no less than $350 with a minimum of $200 for all non-transfers in the Last Chance Qualifiers.

USRA Late Models will also run a complete show of heat races and main events on Friday and Saturday.



USMTS/USRA Modified "A" Main: 1. $40,000, 2. $20,000, 3. $10,000, 4. $6000, 5. $5000, 6. $4000, 7. $3500, 8. $3250, 9. $3000, 10. $2800, 11. $2650, 12. $2500, 13. $2400, 14. $2300, 15. $2200, 16. $2100, 17. $2075, 18. $2050, 19. $2040, 20. $2030, 21. $2025, 22. $2020, 23. $2015, 24. $2010, 25. $2005, 26. $2000.

"B" Main: 1-12 transfer, 13. $1000, 14. $750, 15. $650, 16. $600, 17-26. $500.

"C" Main: 1-14 transfer, 15. $450, 16. $400, 17. $375, 18-26. $350.

Last Chance Qualifiers: 1-6 transfer, 7. $325, 8. $300, 9. $275, 10. $250, 11. $225, 12-20. $200.

USRA Late Model "A" Main: 1. $500, 2. $350, 3. $325, 4. $250, 5. $175, 6. $150, 7. $150, 8. $150, 9-19. $125, 10. $125, 11. $125, 12. $125, 13. $125, 14. $125, 15. $125, 16. $125, 17. $125, 18. $125, 19. $125, $100 minimum to start.


As of Sunday, June 10, the following drivers are on the Modified Masters entry list: Josh Angst, Austin Arneson, Casey Arneson, Chet Atkinson, Adam Ayotte, Cory Bruggeman, Dave Cain, Chris Clark, Cory Crapser, Cory Crapser, Andy Davey, A.J. Diemel, Cade Dillard, John Doelle, Brent Dutenhoffer, Joe Duvall, Keith Foss, Brady Gerdes, Troy Girolamo, Jason Gross, Owen Grube, Ryan Gustin, Jake Hartung, Adam Hensel, Adam Hensel, Jessie Hoskins, Philip Houston, Jason Hughes, Joey Jensen, Bumper Jones, Adam Kates, Randy Klein, Jason Krohn, Trevor Latham, Matt Leer, Tony Leiker, Rich Lofthus, Cory Mahder, Bobby Malchus, Lance Mari, Jimmy Mars, Mike Mashl, Jake Miller, Curt Myers, Darrell Nelson, Gene Nicholas, Paul Niznik, Chris Oertel, Jake O'Neil, Terry Phillips, Dereck Ramirez, Logan Robertson, A.J. Roschen, Rodney Sanders, Tony Schill, Lucas Schott, Johnny Scott, Stormy Scott, Marcus Simonson, Dustin Sorensen, Grant Southworth, Alex Stanford, Ricky Thornton Jr., Jake Timm, Keith Tourville, Jason VandeKamp, Zach VanderBeek, Billy Vogel, Clayton Wagamon, Brad Waits, R.C. Whitwell and Tyler Wolff.





2:00 p.m. Pit gate opens.

5:00 p.m. Spectator gates open.

6:30 p.m. Hot laps.

7:00 p.m. Racing.

Full program of USMTS Modifieds paying $3,000 to win.

Party in the arena following the races.



8:30-11:00 a.m. Breakfast served.

2:00 p.m. Pit gate opens.

5:00 p.m. Spectator gates open.

6:30 p.m. Hot laps.

7:00 p.m. Dual qualifying heat races and Pole Dash for USMTS Modifieds plus complete program for USRA Late Models.

Party in the arena with a live band following the races.



8:30 a.m. Breakfast served in west restaurant.

12:00 p.m. Apple River tubing.

2:00 p.m. Pit gate opens.

4:00 p.m. Spectator gates open.

6:30 p.m. Hot laps.

7:00 p.m. Last-Chance Qualifiers, "C" Main, "B" Main and 70-lap, $40,000-to-win "A" Main for USMTS Modifieds plus complete program for USRA Late Models.


Thursday: Adults $25, Students (6-16) $12, Kids (5 & Under) FREE, Pits $35.

Friday: Adults $30, Students (6-16) $15, Kids (5 & Under) FREE, Pits $35.

Saturday: Adults $35, Students (6-16) $17, Kids (5 & Under) FREE, Pits $45.

Reduced two- and three-day advanced tickets available by calling (612) 363-0479 if ordered at least two (2) days before the event.


If you are unable to attend, RacinDirt will have the entire production live on This will be an explosive broadcast with a multi-camera production, a dedicated host, pre- and post-race interviews, FK Rod Ends Instant Replay, in-car audio and other video elements mixed in as time allows. Visit to order your pay-per-view package today.


Apple River Tubing: If you haven't tried what has made the Apple River famous you are missing out. Tubing down the river is an experience in itself but add nearly another thousand people and you have a party. For a small fee we provide to and from Float-Rite Park and a inner tube to enjoy the day under the sun. We will have you back to the track way before hot laps start.

Driver Autograph, Meet & Greet: Before the races come to souvenir alley and purchase an event T-shirt, your favorite driver's shirt or a die-cast and get the driver to sign it as the top drivers will be there to answer your questions, snap a couple pictures and sign your souvenirs.

Party in the Pits: Rub elbows with your favorite drivers, buy them a beer and enjoy the music in the Cedar Lake Speedway Arena both Thursday and Friday night after the races.