Rain interrupts King of America V opener

(Humboldt, KS) — Rain interrupted Thursday’s opening night program at the King of America V presented by Chix Gear.  Four heats into the second round were completed when events were brought to a halt.  Action will resume where they left off at 7:00 p.m. Friday night, followed by Friday’s scheduled card,

Racing winds up on Saturday night when the $10,000 to win main event will be staged.



Round 1, Heat 1: Kelly Shryock, Dustin Hyde, Chris Brown (started 9th), Caleb Shown, Ben Kates…

Round 1, Heat 2: Stormy Scott (last corner pass), Jessy Willard, Preston Seratt, Brad Waits, Rodney Sanders…

Round 1, Heat 3: Lucas Lee, Justin Rexwinkle, Bob Timm, Cade Dillard (from 9th), Mike Stearns, Travis Saurer, Josh Angst…

Round 1, Heat 4: Joe Duvall, Chase Junghans, Darron Fuqua (from 9th), Timothy Culp (from 11th), Bryan Rowland, Robby Arnold…

Round 1, Heat 5: Jason Hughes, Dustin Strand, Josh Everhart, Tate Davenport, Austin Siebert, Thomas Tillison Jr., Jeremy Payne…

Round 1, Heat 6: Joe Adams (from 8th), Casey Arneson, Brock Bauman, Terry Phillips (from 9th), Brandon Watson, Jake Hartung…

Round 1, Heat 7: Ryan Gustin, Jake Timm, Lucas Schott (from 8th), Mike Mullen, Philip Houston, Dave Cain, Fito Gallardo, Brady Gerdes..

Unofficial top 5 points after Round 1 qualifying: Joe Adams, Jake Timm, Lucas Lee, Jason Hughes, Chris Brown.

Round 2 Heat 1: Dereck Ramirez, Dave Cain, Darron Fuqua, Matt Dotson, Joe Duvall, Tate Davenport

Round 2 Heat 2: Travis Saurer, Lucas Schott, Timothy Culp, Bob Timm, Mike Stearns, Austin Siebert

Round 2 Heat 3: Jeremy Payne, Fito Gallardo, Jake Hartung, Dagan Heim, Josh Everhart, Jessy Willard

Round 2 Heat 4: Terry Phillips, Thomas Tillison, Jr., Ryan Gustin, Jason Hughes, John Allen, Robby Arnold

Rest of scheduled program rained out and will resume at 7:00 p.m. CT on Friday night, March 27.